How Precious Actress Gabourey Sidibe Lost 179-Pounds

Move a little to the right Jennifer Hudson. Academy Award nominated “Precious” star, Gabourey Sidibe is looking delicious after shedding an extraordinary 179-pounds in just 16 weeks.

So how did she do it? Unlike Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers® did not work for Sidibe. “I kept borrowing Weight Watchers® points from friends and family and by the forth week I was over my head in debt,” said Sidibe. “My friends said they did not want to see me until I had their points. It was hard because they don’t sell points, you have to earn them.”

With his time alone came an awakening for Sidibe. “I would watch a lot of television and see beautiful women with amazing bodies all over the world and think, they’ve got to be doing something right. I spoke to my nutritionist, Hakif Marqus, and we figured it out after watching The Miss Universe pageant,” she explained. “What all these beautiful women had in common was that they were all from different continents.”

Marqus and Sidibe created the “Seven Continents Diet,” which features a special meal plan that includes a daily prix-fixe menu featuring glamorous fruits and cuisine from all seven continents. Each meal is chemically balanced and designed to drop the weight without sacrificing flavor.

Gabourey combined her new regime with exercise to help keep the weight off. “I would go horseback riding five times a week. After a two and a half hour ride, I would eat three Australian Kiwis and a handful of mixed African nuts,” said Gabourey. “Horseback riding is great because it works every muscle in your body, especially your thighs,” added Marqus. “It’s good for the horse, too.”

“I hope this inspires women everywhere to join me on this journey to a healthier, happier life because life is precious, and so are we.” The Seven Continents weight loss program is set to launch this summer with plans starting from $9 a meal.

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