Sarah McLachlan Leaves Dog Unattended for Four Hours

Singer, songwriter, and animal rights activist Sarah McLachlan has found herself on the other side of the leash. She has recently become the target of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the same organization she endorses. McLachlan is accused of leaving her Labrador retriever tied up, thirsty, and unattended for nearly four and a half hours outside of a Gelson’s Market. McLachlan’s response to this accusation? “That’s not my dog.”

Parking lot attendant Octavio Miguel Ortiz witnessed the ordeal. “She no take care of perra, I take care. I give agua, I clean puta,” said Ortiz. “Is her dog,” he added. “I am shocked she is saying the dog is not hers. I saw her tie it up before she came in to the store,” said shopper Alexandria Chatman, a loyal customer. “She was really going there with the samples. I caught her taking three handfuls of the salted toffee caramel pretzels. There was a moment I was afraid I was not going to be able to try any,” said Chatman. “She was also double dipping the pita chips in the hummus. Who double dips at a grocery store? It’s disgusting,” she added.

The SPCA is debating weather to pull McLachlan’s television commercials and replace them with Hayden Panettiere’s advertisement, which were shot in 2007. Both the SPCA and McLachlan have refused to further comment on this situation until results of the paternity test are confirmed. The Labrador is currently under the care of Ortiz who has shown interest in adopting the animal. You can donate to the SPCA by visiting


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